The ski hill (Glen Mountain) appears clearly in the background of Sam's pond in the movie. It is located on Chemin De Glen. Though the trees obsruct the view these days this clearly shows that the ski line trails have not changed at all since 1969 (check the movie). As well, here is an article from the area newspaper back in 1969 that talks about the filming location:,2803826&dq=my-side-of-the-mountain+knowlton

When Sam climbs the mountain to steal the baby falcon this is the exact vantage point shown when he cradles the bird.

Looking  back towards Knowlton.  Sam's pond was located to the right of the larger pond seen in the centre.

 Looking further right of the previous photo this shot shows rock cliffs. I believe these were the same cliffs that were used where Sam steals the baby falcon from its nest. Again the tree growth is evident as opposed to 1969 when the entire area was less treed and more meadow-like in nature.

This is another location on the other side of Knowlton that can seen at the start of the film when Sam gets off the bus and heads for the country. It also can be seen where Miss Turner joins Sam on an outing with his falcon, Frightful.

This is the rock island you can see in the first lake Sam passes after getting off the bus in Knowlton. To see more photos of Knowlton go to the next page. 

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