Much of the outdoor filming scenes for the movie were done, ironically, on Chemin Paramount (Chemin=Road). Paramount Studios made the film and I have often wondered if that is how the street got its name.  To get here you take Highway 243 east from Knowlton's four corners to Chemin De Glen. Then turn left to Chemin Paramount and turn left until you come to Chemin Paige.  Sam's tree home and pond was located at the corner of Paramount  and Paige. The pond still exists on a weekend home owned by a very nice family who let me take photos. The area has changed so much that it is virtually unrecognizable in comparance to 1969. According to the owners the crew on the film set dammed up the mountain stream to create the pond. This miniature dam is still clear to see, but of course was hidden behind brush to give it  an authentic look in the movie. Sam's tree is gone of course and I am quite certain it was only a prop. Enjoy the photos below.

Here is the whole view of the pond looking from the vantage point of Sam's tree home . In 1969 there were a lot less trees. Today the mountain in the background (see next page) can barely be seen, but was clearly visible in the film. The outflow dam is clear to see but wasn't in 1969 when the crew made this pond for the film.

Looking to the right side of the pond. Chemin Paramount and Chemin Paige meet just past these trees. 

 Sam's tree home was located right about here. It looked a lot nicer back then when there was more open meadow instead of all this treed-in brush.


Looking upstream where Sam's friend the otter used to frolic.  

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